Face It: Is It Time To Toss Your Makeup?

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Most style bloggers have a vast selection of makeup in their collections. But did you know that some of your makeup can harm you? Just like food, makeup will spoil, grow mold, and serve as a petri dish for bacteria. And if you’re not careful, your makeup can cause serious health issues. If you’ve ever had pink-eye, your mascara or eyeliner may be to blame. EDITOR’S NOTE: You also want to make sure you getting the best use out of your makeup, which you always do when it’s fresh. The fresher the makeup, the more clear and apparent it comes out in pictures and in video.

So, how do you when should you throw away your makeup?

After six months:

Your mascara will begin to spoil at around six months. However, you may notice a fishy smell emitting from your tube and brush even earlier. If this happens, toss your mascara immediately. Your little tube of product has just become a petri dish for bacteria, which may harm you if you continue to use it. EDITOR’S NOTE: If you use a mascara daily, you should toss after 4-6 weeks. It may not smell bad, but it starts to  get dry and clumpy and those are two things you don’t want your lashes to be.

After eight months:

Cream foundations, liquid foundations, concealers, cleansers and moisturizers should all be tossed after 8 months. But throughout their life span, remember to keep your products clean. Always clean around the nozzles and neck of the bottles to avoid bacterial growth.

After 12 months:

It takes about a year for loose powder, pressed powder, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, lipgloss, and toner to go bad. But just as you would your other products, remember to keep these makeup essentials clean. Remove any dark, oily spots that form on top of your compact and always clean your container nozzles and bottle necks. As for lipsticks and glosses, the moment you notice a fishy smell…TOSS IT! EDITOR’S NOTE: Lipstick last longer when you refrigerate it. A great option for that discontinued lipstick you love and are trying to make last longer.

After 18 months:

Your eye and lip pencils can last up to 18 months if you keep them sharp. Sharpening your pencils not only makes for a better application but it also removed the top layer of color that may be riddled with bacteria.

One last thing:

Remember to clean you brushes and sponges regularly. Clean utensils equal a clean face. And a clean face is simply beautiful! EDITOR’S NOTE: Wash sponges weekly and discard monthly. When it comes to brushes, wash them in a mild detergent/cleaner on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.


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