Seven Questions: With Monroe of Fashion Steele NYC


We love Monroe’s style. Unapologetic, sophisticated yet eclectic is what we get from her when we read her daily OOTD posts on her blog, Fashion Steele NYC. While she’s totally up on Rebecca Minkoff, Missoni & Rachel Roy, she’s not afraid of getting some of her go to pieces from fast fashion favorites like ZARA and H&M. What’s her secret? Well, she didn’t tell us all of them when she answered the “SBOC Seven”, but we definitely understand a little bit more why she’s so fly.

SBOC: What’s your favorite beauty product of the moment?
Monroe: AMBE Vitamin Veil. I got it during Fashion Week in February in a gift bag and have been a fan ever since. I love the smell of it. I use it everday after I exfoliate my face and it gives my skin a dewy glow. It’s an antioxidant serum and it works great under makeup or SPF. It’s not sold in stores so I order it online from the company in California.

SBOC: What’s the one go to item in closet?
Monroe: In Fall/Winter my black Dalin Chase Leather Jacket. In Summer/Spring my denim H&M jacket.

SBOC: The three blogs you’re obsessed with now are…
Monroe: Ring My Bell by Ashley Madekwe. She has amazing style and is also an actress on one of my favorite shows Revenge. Gary Pepper Vintage by Nicole Warne. She has such an air of grace about her and is stunning. Her photography is amazing as well. The Coveteur because I am nosey and love to see what other people have in the homes and more importantly their closets.

SBOC: What’s at the top of your shopping wish list?
Monroe: A white leather jacket.

SBOC: Your five accessories in heavy rotation are…
Monroe: I don’t really wear much jewelry. I was never into [the] arm party thing. I would say five accessories in heavy rotation are my bowler hat, my flat top bowler hat, my gold skull head Marti bracelet, my gold wishbone necklace and my Rebecca Minkoff Black M.A.C. mini purse.

SBOC: If your style had a theme song it would be…
Monroe: “Midnight City” by M83

SBOC: What’s the last thing you bought?
Monroe: An iPhone. Seriously, I just got it today and have been spending the day learning to use it and asking all my friends with iPhones how to do things. I pretty much love it but i will miss my keypad on my old android phone. I also went nuts on amazon and brought about 11 iPhone cases…so I have variety…and to match outfits.

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